Windows 8: Finally, something my computer CAN’T do!

I know from time to time I may have mentioned here how my 4096MB of Random Access Memory is impervious to any software out there but I may have found it’s Achilles Heel! Virtualized Windows 8. Seeing as I was finally able to enable my processors Virtualization Technology features, after doing this, I attempted an install of the 64bit version Windows 8 Customer Preview and I can assure you – that did not go well. I then did attempt the 32bit version and that worked out a lot better. For details on how to virtualize Windows 8 customer preview, click here. For how my first experiences with windows 8 were, read on!

As you can see, from the image on this post, Windows 8 has what you might think is a lovely home screen. It does look cool, that I agree. The learning curve though, for this operating system, is not going to be easy. I am quite used to the start menu on a Windows Operating System. The start menu is essentially where everything happens; and maybe the desktop, that normally has icons.  Now, with Windows 8, you get beautiful tiles, designed for touch, and they can also be clicked…but guess what – NO START BUTTON and NO START MENU! You have a start screen though, and it is quite functional. And now, you do not have programs, you have apps!

The mail app is cool! The video app and music app are exceptional! But I found it hard to get used to the lack of a red ‘X’ on the top right corner of the program or app. Now what you have to do is hit escape or the start key on your keyboard to get back to the start screen. By the way, getting back to the start screen does not necessarily close the app you were using, it just hides it and windows will decide for you whether to close the app or not. Basically, Windows 8 is designed off the basis of windows phone 7 (or the other way around – I am not too sure who copied who) and it is designed for touch and one button. It makes you feel, if you have used a smart phone before, that what you should have right now instead of your keyboard is one big ‘back to home screen’ button – you know, like the iPhone one…

There is hope though, for applications not built to use the tiles and full screen features of Windows 8. They call it – the desktop. This will give you a Windows 7 like desktop with the task bar at the bottom but NO START MENU! I suppose this is where legacy apps will go, seeing as I have not installed any, coz my Windows 8 virtual machine keeps crashing when I try to us it for more than a few minutes. I have the latest version of VirtualBox and I am giving the virtual machine a whole 2048MB or my dear RAM and 256MB of video memory. And it still crashes or freezes after 5 minutes. I will get it to work though, and when I do, I will post it here so watch this space.

So, do you want to try Windows 8? Holla at me and I might hook you up with the ISOs for it. In the mean time, I am toying with the idea of using it as my mainstream OS for a while…and in as much as I am looking forward to the challenges that I know for a fact it will present, will need a clear schedule for like a week to be able to work with that OS. Hopefully, I will make the time for it, and when I do, I will report back on just how great, of whack, Windows 8 is. Till then people…back to code.



  1. The home screen looks colorful and seems to simplify accessing programs. Since am not an early adopter, I will wait for you to try it, once you have had the feel of it and post here your experience with it, then may be.

    So I will keep checking for that post.

    Good work

  2. Now I’ve tried connecting the Windows 8 from Laptop to a LCD flat screen using a serial port.

    The result is a very impressive display..but what i don’t understand is why it “blacks out” from time to time..and why the sound from the laptop now only comes on when the TV is on as well. are right on.

  3. KYmillionaire – sorry, I cant upload it on my servers because my hosting account simply cannot handle such traffic. but you can go for details on how to virtualise windows 8 – the post also include pages where you can get the downloads from and the cd key you will need to install it. If you do not have bandwidth or are unwilling to wait, i can avail you the DVD’s via snail mail but that will cost you the dvds and postage.

  4. @Apollo – maybe is it coz windows 8 is pretty high on graphics – therefore the blacking out – but I am not too sure about that. I will look into it and get back to you on that and many more things that windows 8 can / cant do

  5. That is the download for the consumer preview, NOT the developer previews. At least those are closer to how Windows 8 will actaully look like and work but I know there will be changes seeing as I am already running it and finding quite a few glitched in this new system. Not too many are to my taste.

  6. Tried to download. preview. of windows. 8 now can’t get into my computer. because. I have an error. message. can any one help

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