Web Designers vs Web Developers

A friend of mine just tweeted me this and I decided to share with you all. Quite true, might I add.

Read on for full details…

And just for the record, the part in the movie, Social Network, where Zuckerburg is blogging while drunk, trust me, not the best of ideas. Lets just say I thank the Lord that for some reason not known to myself, I could not find the the PUBLISH button. Lucky for me, publishing is not as simple as pressing enter at the end of a stupid post. Enjoy this little snippet of joy below.



  1. I still have not understood the difference between web designers and web programmers.
    Can you use lay woman language.
    And what is this both groups are scared of women Why??
    What has the woman got to do wit it??

  2. I will do another post in lay woman language. but the basic difference is one group does coding, and the other does look and feel and they differ in the things they use and the way they work. The thing is to the lay woman, they see no difference between a web developer and a web designer. Can you guess which i am?

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