The more things change, the more they stay the same.

2012And the doomsday year is finally here! It is 2012!  Do not be worried, the events depicted in the similarly named movie are definitely not going to happen. But seeing as very few people are actively participating in particle physics (I’d be hard pressed to name any major active experimental facility other than CERN), maybe we are yet to find out the destructive forces of neutrinos! Anyhow, I digress.

For those few of you who may have been following changes on this blog, you will have noticed this by now, the theme has changed! I figure, if the world is soon coming to a catastrophic end, I would rather leave it in style! Along with the new theme thanks to Elegant Themes, a few other things have changed, and others have changed back.

My take on everything is back! Towards the end of last year, I got feedback from some of my followers saying that they didn’t yet have any use for all the tech jargon on the site. I therefore decided to expand the blog’s content to more than just tech. It is the age of the geek but unfortunately, we geeks are still very much a minority and seeing as there is money in numbers…

So, other changes made to the blog include addition of a few more categories, and a contact me form! Essentially, that’s it.

Categories added include favorites, with details on what I do when I am not working, and tools, with details on software, hardware and web-ware I use to get stuff done. Older categories have been aptly renamed and repositioned for easy navigation and your reading pleasure.

For a taste of some of the things I will now be including on this my global forum, here are my thoughts about a song I like and noticed some interesting facts about.

I am in no way a music production expert but maybe, just maybe, some of our artists could make some serious dime if they go the way of Sean Paul and Alexis Jordan and include product placements in their music videos. It is a bit difficult to miss the fact that the video if filmed at the Hard Rock Hotel (Las Vegas), Sean Paul is drinking Remy Martin (VSOP of course) Alexis checks in driving a Mini Cooper to the Haze Nightclub. Watch the video below and play – catch the adverts – if you had not noticed them yet

Sean Paul ft. Alexis Jordan–Got 2 Luv U


And that’s it for now. Watch this space for more! Or better yet, follow my blog, or follow me on twitter. Consult the sidebar for details on how to do so. So, till I blog again….cheers!



  1. Happy New Year Allan,

    Clearly the Christmas break was a busy time for you, the new theme looks great and the additions make it more funky, especially the video touch.

    And for those of us who are not tech savvy it is a welcome relief.

    Have a great year.

  2. I like the product placement pitch. Locally though, it may be a disaster. I remember a while back KEBS and a few other companies esp soap manufactures tried it with kina Mwala et al and it was just terrible, instead of the product being incorporated with the story line, the whole concept was so misunderstood, the whole programme became conspicuously about the product being sold. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Soko Ugali nitwit(I am convinced)went to ‘sing’ professionally about all the other Unga products that the marketers will no doubt(in their devine market understanding) now want sang about……

  3. I must say Daniel, it does have a potential of going terribly wrong but at least, the artists would actually be getting paid from other sources other than 15 second ring back tones!

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