Talking of New Technologies

And I am now officially on the Windows 8 wagon. I have come to the conclusion that for mobile computing, Windows or Mac is the best way to go if you want to avoid any hassles. I still however, believe in having a Linux or Unix box for my core services – that is what my home PC that delivers supporting services to the other computers in the house run.

Now, back to Windows 8. As as a short review, here is what I could say about it. It is great! But the lack of good metro apps really does bring down the experience a notch. I still would not recommend it for a mobile tablet that you may need to be functional coz there are just not enough good productivity metro apps out there – and the few i have come across seem to have be half-heartedly built. Its shocking the way I could not find a metro twitter app. (I know, we are not supposed to use the term Metro when referring to Windows 8 apps but since Microsoft did not provide us with a good enough alternative…)

Apart from the lack of apps, all is well in the windows 8 world so far. Office 2013 is wonderful. That piece of software, I am enjoying. I am not yet subscribed to the notion of cloud computing like they want us to, so having a good ol’ reliable install on my hard drive with automatic integration to SkyDrive is working very well for me. Just because of this, I find myself now using SkyDrive more than Google Drive.

Speaking of Google, as you would expect, they have very few relevant apps for Windows 8 Metro, and I really cant blame them. I am sure they are busy with their ChromeBooks (Chrome book pixel looks nice but the price is a bit prohibitive…)

Apps aside, I am now in the process of making my programs to work – and so far, just a few of them have needed special settings to get them running smoothly – especially additional services.  Those changes, I will detail as I make them to help those who may also be making the switch to the new version of windows.

So, should you move to windows 8? In my opinion – YES! I mean, this is the future – at least for the consumer world and this new platform is a serious contender with all its touch features….and its a fresh new simplistic flat look


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