FREE PesaPal Payment Module for Virtuemart 1.1.9 (J1.5)

PesaPal offers a wonderful payment gateway for developers to integrate with mobile payment solutions available in Kenya, namely M-Pesa and Airtel Money (at least as of the composition of this) and also with VISA! Now, unfortunately, they only offer basic integration instructions and no specific modules for major platforms like Joomla. I have therefore taken the liberty to develop a module for virtuemart that I hope you will find helpful. I have submitted it to the JED and I hope they will approve it. The Joomlasphere mentions many issues with approval of free VirtueMart extensions but I hope for the best.

Tested On:
- Virtuemart v1.1.9
- Joomla v1.5.26
- PHP v5.3.10 & MySQL v5.5.20


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