You Guy, Dat Dendai….

Ok. I really have no idea where the term Dendai came from but apparently it is the new name for ‘chicks’ in Nairobi – according to the blogosphere. From the video above, well, I can only gather that is is Nairobi chick with huge behinds!

Anyhow, it is a nice track to club to, and as expected, it is really saying noting although there are some good lines like ‘niko area kama length times witdh’ and ‘nikute juu ya maji kama hiasynth’

Cool video too. P-Unit have a knack for cool video although this reminds me of some of the Busta videos with truck loads of chicks in the video with members of the Flip Mode Squad like clubs are just full of babes. Those of you who go to clubs know better I suppose.

Enjoy the video, although I wonder why the stereo kicks in after like a minute into the song. Why would the first minute be in mono? And this affects all versions of the song I have been able to fish online. And also, some lip sync is off. Apart from that, cool production. Hope they release a fixed one soon.

Happy new year people! And just as a treat, another video with many dendai!