RIP Whitney Houston and Comments on CIA DDOS Attack


Whitney Houston is dead. How sad is that. Well, as Dr. Gregory House keeps on reminding us, for those who watch House…’everybody lies’  and if we twist that just a little bit, we get another truth, so to speak…’everybody dies’. So do rest in peace Whitney.

I will leave that there seeing as a quick Google search reveales 604 million results and several thousand news related articles on the topic so for more details on that, click here. Now back to some interesting news I was tracking on the twitter-verse concerning the takedown of the CIA site via DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service Attack). Many people are saying that if the CIA website can be attacked and taken down, then seriously, is there a site that can’t be brought down? And to that question, I answer – probably YES!  Bring me the guy(s) who take down Google, Yahoo, and Facebook (Twitter is not on that list because it normally does a good enough job of taking itself down from time to time) and I will literally kneel in front of them and kiss their feet! Why do I say this? Read on.

So the CIA site was down. That should represent a great feat that one was able to get though the mighty defenses of the CIA. But it does not and here is why.

The CIA is not about its site. They do not wake up early in the morning and check if their site is up and chase all those people who are trying to hack it. I am sure that their web server is nowhere close to the servers that hold sensitive data and stuff. In short, their website is NOT their core business, and they most certainly have other things at the top of their to-do list.

So their site goes down, what is the worst the could happen? A few people doing some searches or research wont find out the telephone numbers for their nearest CIA office from the official CIA site. At which point, all they would have to do is look at search result number two or three in the provided search results from the engine they are using, and they would be good to go with credible info from various 3rd party websites that most likely also carry the info being searched or researched.

Guess who spends every waking hour ensuring their websites are up and running?  Google. And I bet you so does the ten billion dollar website, better known to everybody as Facebook. I can give several other examples, but my point is these sites I believe, cant be brought down by a simple DDOS attack maybe because normal operations to them would be regarded as a DDOS attack on another smaller site seeing as they are constantly getting traffic from all over the place and are normally able to handle it with relative ease.

I gather it would be nearly impossible to bring down sites whose core business is the site. And therefore, until Anonymous or whichever other hacking group bring down a site worthy of praise, then I suppose all the praise they put on themselves is a load of bullocks. And the thought that the internet is in one way or another doomed or unsafe just because a few people were able to bring down a small website like the CIA one is quite preposterous.

So to all who think that these hackers are the greatest, I say to you, think again. Its easy to look good when you publicly go after small fish and present only that side of the story. Let Anonymous catch some big fish and come back to us. Only and only then will I recognize them as the hackers they claim to be.

PS – I do hope though, that they do not come after this site.



  1. Yeah wish you luck, may be you have just become their next mark.

    Thanks for the posts it brings sobriety to the scene, I hope no more panic attack. Come to think of how many websites this side of the Sahara would really pose such a challenge for a CIA hacking caliber to be interested in?

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