OMG! Why I do not call into radio stations!

BustedNow, we are all aware of the OMG busted call. If not, read on. Now, today, for all those who know Thika Road, by the time a tiff on Classic 105 Radio lasts from Muthaiga, through the hole in Pangani, past the traffic in Ngara and ends when you reach Odeon, and all this is happening during morning rush hour, then it was one hell of a tiff. They even brought the news a whole 6 minutes late…just replaying it (seeing as it was definitely not live – for those who may not know, those calls are recorded to make sure that there are fit for the airwaves). It explains whey they played 3 whole songs before replaying the argument, which is unheard of in morning radio.

Anyhow, for those who are not in the know of who were fortunate enough not be be stuck in traffic listening to trash, the gist of the story is that Maina Kagemi’s topic revolved around a lady who had left her husband for Duala, seemingly calling it quits on their thirteen year marriage and leaving him with two kids to handle.

As if that was not enough drama, one of the calling contributors turned out to be the accused woman, who foolishly introduced herself with both her names (must have been wanting to spite the husband) and says that she is not in Duala, but still here in Nairobi. She then continues to call the man out claiming he is a wife beating, insecure drunk that she just could not stand any more. Now, at this point, I was nodding my head thinking WTF and expected that story to end there but nooooooo…Kenyans just cannot fail in taking an opportunity to showcase the rot in society.

Anyhow, moving on. Maina’s next move was to call the guy back, to try and get him to answer to the accusation laid against him. I would have bet real hard money that the guy would not pick up or if he did, he would quickly realize his mistake and disconnect the call but to my amazement, a lot more crap happened!

First, I would have lost my money coz the foolish guy did pick up the call, and claimed that the woman who had talked was not his wife and that someone was speaking on her behalf. At this point, things now get interesting. Any man with some modicum of sense would have left it at that, count your losses and get off the air but again….nooooooo! This foolish man stayed on the line as the radio station called backed the wife, and his earlier claim that the woman was not his wife was thrown out in a sec. They then got into a tiff that just lasted too long. Now, the whole country knows that they are due on court this Friday, although not sure if it is for a divorce hearing, battery hearing, or custody hearing. WTF!

Now, my issue with this public display of crap is seriously, how STUPID can one get! If I get my count right, this fellow had quite a few chances to save his skin but he tried to argue with his agitated wife on air. That was just spectacularly stupid on his par. I wonder how the courts are going to handle their case now that it has just escalated to a media spectacle!

To all who may be reading this, please, PLEASE, do not call into your radio station, It is a waste of time and resources. And I think the censorship board of somebody with such authority should step in and prevent such crap from being aired on popular radio stations. I know there is rot in the society but seriously, we are not all that bad and focusing on the 2% that is that bad just presents an bad and false picture of society.

Now, back to work people! But just before you go….for those who have forgotten just how spectacular the OMG busted was, here you go.


Now, to think that this new one was even longer and maybe more spectacularly dreadful….I will update once I get a you tube link to it coz I know it will be up before the end of the day. Till then…back to work people!



  1. damn dude…put the clip on this site so we can also hear it….just curious coz i didnt hear it today morning….

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