Memory issue with mysqld.exe in MySQL 5.6

If you have installed WAMP server or MySQL 5.6, you might have ended with memory issue with mysqld.exe process consuming huge RAM memory of around 400MB!

The problem can be solved by following the simple procedure below:

  1. Stop MySQL service if it is running.
  2. Open the file  my.ini which is found in “C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.xx\” folder. [The actual path may vary depending upon the installation directory.]
  3. Add the following line: table_definition_cache = 400
  4. Save the file and start the MySQL.

NB: This also applies when you have installed MySQL 5.6 or other release alone.

Now open Task Manager and look at mysqld.exe process. It will be around 100MB or less.


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