Lovely App! Crappy Site!

pesadroidSo today, via Facebook, I land on a great Andriod app! PesaDroid! Well, all it does is give you a nice view of all your M-Pesa transactions, taking data form the messages on the phone. I have no doubt that the developers of the app worked quite hard on it and it is a wonderful app but my God, their website! is not a site to visit. It has put a new benchmark on just how crappy a site can be. I mean, these guys should have just stuck to giving people the android market link coz at least there, they can leverage the look of the marketplace. Their one page site is just something that should be taken off the net! Like immediately! Trust me, if I had seen their site before installing the app, I would not have installed it coz their site is just a joke!

Websites, blogs, and parasitic online presence on other sites is an organization’s or individual’s gateway to the world. And it is quite an obvious fact that you only have one chance to make a first impression so design is key! I know, many Kenyans do not like paying for good design but I believe the time is fast approaching when we will seriously have to consider design in any aspect of yourself or your organization that you are presenting to the entire globe.

As a web developer, I hope that the PesaDroid guys are looking at turning their website into a looker coz it just irks me that guys who can code that well are giving no thought as to the look, feel and functionality of their site. Sad smile


I tried to email the PesaDroid guys in a bid to get them to maybe improve their site – and the email bounced! The one useful bit of information on their site – their email address – is not active! How unserious can they get! Damn!



  1. Hi Ajagwe,

    Thank you for your very candid feedback about our pesaDroid, app and our website. We have acted on some of the issues you have raised in this blog.

    We are now redirecting our home page to our blog. We will return with a better designed website soon. I would like to send you a link when our home page goes live again. Please feel free to tell us what we can do to make our app and our website more useful and usable as well.

    We are working on mail server issue, in the mean time, please use fkiptumsubscriptions [at] if you need to get in touch with me.

    Thanks again,

  2. Kipruno,
    Nice to know that you are doing something about your site. The current google site a great improvement on what you heard earlier, and I will contact you on my suggestions on how your site should look like. Kudos to your responding.


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