Love, Sex, Money and Userscripts!

Yeah, I know. The title is a bit funny but, I suppose that is what hobby blogging is all about. And I have chosen to use this platform to inform about things that many people have no idea their browsers can do. FYI, your browser is quite an important application on your system – more important than your word processor if you ask me. Seeing as nowadays a computer without a connection to the net is much like a fountain pen without ink, read on and learn just why you should think twice before buying a netbook with an Atom processor just because it is cheap, small and cute. I own a netbook and I simply cant do too much on it because it really cant handle my browsing. It can surprisingly handle my word processing though, quite well! Now, moving on to the meat of the matter.

Over the last couple of weeks and for the foreseeable future, there has been and will be quite a bit of talk concerning G-Pange and Shuga. Just this morning, that was the main topic of discussion for a clean hour on the morning show of a famous local radio station that does not have a website but has a whole television station named after it. Now, seeing as I and many other people are bound to have missed the premier of the second season of the show maybe because it screened on a station that yenyewe for some reason since they moved to UHF my TV (and I suppose many others) simply cannot get clearly (KBC – Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation – does KBC2 still exist? Someone holla in the comments) or maybe because people simply do not watch KBC. Anyhow, luckily, the MTV Shuga guys are on point, and they do post entire, add free episodes of their show on Vimeo. Kudos to them for doing that. The only problem is in as much as they have availed the show (or at least the first episode) free to watch via their website, streaming is still something that our bandwidth, even with nearly all mobile networks having 3G (and 4G on the way on some networks), cannot handle very well and watching jerky videos off your browser is just seriously annoying.  So, how do you get the video off Vimeo and onto your hard disk (or flash drive) using office net so that you can enjoy it later, at home without pauses or adverts?

Userscripts! And Firefox of course. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows for installation of mainly JavaScript based userscripts that interact with the webpages loading on your browser as you surf. So, all one has to do to easily download the first episode of Shuga season 2 (and the others, when they eventually release them) from Vimeo is follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Download and Install Firefox from here if you do not have it.
  2. Run Firefox (the below instructions assume that you are now reading this blog post from Firefox. If not, go to this post on Firefox.)
  3. Download and install the Greasemonkey Firefox extension from here (Click on the green Add to Firefox button on the webpage that loads)
  4. Download and install the Free Youtube! user script from here. (Click on the Install button on the top right corner of the webpage that loads).
  5. Go to the MTV Shuga website here.
  6. Look for and locate the video that you want to download.
  7. Right click on the video and select the ‘Watch on Vimeo’ option. This will open the video on the Vimeo site and there will be a download either in place of the video (if you have unsupported players) or under the video (if you have supported players).
  8. Click on the Download link and you are good to go.

Now, should you know how to achieve this same feat on other browsers, please advise and I will update the instructions to cater for those who prefer other browsers to Firefox.



  1. dude you were just explaining something on netbooks and somehow the story disappeared,wots up with the netbooks….but good with the shuga 2 instructions on how to download

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