Ioncube…ooh how I loath thee

ioncubelogo_gg As a web developer in Kenya, there are things that just end up arching me every time I see them. And nothing at the moment arches me more than Ioncube. Why do I hate Iconcube so much? Well, read on.

There are a few local tools that I normally end up including in all my website projects, like local payment gateways and SMS integration because for some reason, SMS is big in this country.

At the moment, I am looking for a good Invoicing and Billing System to integrate into a Joomla based project I am working on. There are very few such systems available, even from the Joomla Extension Directory. And the annoying thing is, of the few, commercial and expensive system avaialble, they are locked down with ioncube!

I really have no qualms buying good software, especially when the software or script or even template that I am buying is going to save hours of time in code. I do however, have problems buying php based software that I cannot modify. That is just WRONG! Some integrations like SMS cannot be added onto the software as extensions mainly because some of the hooks needed to make an add-on like SMS be nicely functional are not hooks that the original software developers thought of – maybe because in their own countries, SMS is not as big as it is down here!

Now while I am willing to spend on software, for php scripts and such, I would like to be able to modify the code. And for that reason alone, if a script mainly requires Ioncube, it is to be shunned I tell you. Shunned!

In the mean time, should there be an open joomla based billing and invoicing system out there that does NOT require Ioncube, please recommend in the comments.


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