I’m Back…

Hi all….

I am aware that I have not been on this platform for a while. I am therefore pleased to announce that I am back. I have been working on quite a few things, some involving Payment Gateways, but most involving modifying existing systems to suite my clients’ needs.

For some particular proprietary systems, so many changes have been made to it that the warranty on it has been voided by the original developers of the system. You can only imagine how much more ‘fun’ system updates are now – especially security fixes – which have to be inspected line by line before being implemented lest they crash the system.

I now have a lot more appreciation for Microsoft’s update Tuesday which happens every second Tuesday of the month. Knowing when fixes are going to be rolled out really helps with planning. Security fixed every week would make boutique projects like this one stall because all developers will be doing is making sure the system is secure.

Security of a system is a very important, but as demonstrated by the now quite famous Mat Honan hack (Mat’s Gmail, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple’s .me account were taken over without technically hacking into any of the systems), it is quite clear that there is more to the security of a system that just how technically un-hackable they are. This brings me to what I will be posting on this site now.

I have collected quite a few scripts and these are what I will be sharing over the next few weeks or months.  Also, a few security tips from what I learned from Mat Honan. And of course, not forgetting, free code coming up as well. As soon as I am through with the boring part of code – documentation.

So, welcome back, and enjoy the ride.


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