ICC trials vs MegaUpload Takedown

megaupload-logoYeah, I can tell you for a fact that the Kenya twitter-verse, and blog-verse, and any other ‘verse’ that this country may have is all buzzing about the ICC and the cases that have been recently been confirmed on some powerful local politicians but frankly speaking, that news is not on my mind right now. MEGAUPLOAD HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN! This is just after a victorious ‘sites black out’ petition against SOPA and PIPA in the states. Clearly, I think the thing to take home from this is in as much as the initial battle for protecting a free internet may have been won, the war is nowhere near over!

Now where are all of us going to be going to get all that stuff we normally get from Megaupload? Can’t put details of what ‘we get’ coz, I might get myself shut down or worse…maybe taken to the ICC? Anyhow, I am sure now sites like Rapidshare, FileSonic, Uploading, and a host of other file sharing sites are doing rather unpleasant things in their pants as we wait to see the outcome of this litigation against Megaupload. I wonder if this will go the way of The Pirate Bay, which somehow, is still up and running.

Well, I suppose all we can do is wait and see what cuts. Now to see who comes up to fill in the slot left by the departure of Megaupload. Comments on this will be appreciated but I will come back with a story on who has filled the slot. In the meantime, I leave you with this…a tip from Fast Five on where to set up your site where there is no Extradition! (The owners of Megaupload were extradited to the states from New Zealand….damn!)

No Extradition!



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