How to Set or Reset BIOS Administrator Password in HP Notebook

Some HP Notebook PCs  may be unable to Enter F10 System Setup as BIOS Administrator if HP ProtectTools is Enabled. If the BIOS Administrator password is not set, and HP ProtectTools security is enabled in Security Manager, then you may not be able to enter the Computer Setup utility at startup as a BIOS administrator. You will only be allowed to enter the setup as a ProtectTools user with very limited access.

To resolve this issue, create a BIOS administrator password and delete previous ProtectTools user logs by following this procedure:

  1. Download and install the latest SSM utility (SP42536) from here.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Hewlett Packard\SSM if you are on a 32bit system or C:\Program Files(x86)\Hewlett Packard\SSM if you are on a 64bit system
  3. Access biosconfigutility.exe to reset the BIOS administrator password.
    1. From a command prompt, navigate to the SSM folder.
    2. Type biosconfigutility.exe /newsetuppassword:”password”  to start the utility and create a new BIOS Administrator password.
    3. If a User Access Control window appears, allow access to the application to make changes to your pc
    4. Close the command window.
  4. Restart the notebook PC and press ESC then F10 at startup.
  5. Log in using the new BIOS administrator password.
  6. Choose User Management and delete any previous ProtectTools users.
  7. Save the new settings and exit startup.

And you are done. You now have a BIOS Administrator that can actually make changes to the BIOS as you may require. Use it wisely!



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