How to get Photos / Images of a Facebook Page Album(s) via Graph API

This may not be a problem that many people have – but it sure was a problem for me – for a while – mainly because in as good as Facebook’s documentation on the use of their APIs is, the lack of many examples makes finding solutions not that easy sometimes. So find herein details on how to get the images of an album of a Facebook page.

  1. Ensure that you are an Admin of the Facebook Page.

  2. go to :

  3. In the API Navigator, you can see “/me” will bring up the basic information of yourself.

  4. Try typing in “/me/accounts” to see if you can see anything. It should give you an error.

  5. Click on “Get Access Token”

  6. a window will pop-up. Navigate to “Extended Permissions”

  7. Select “manage_pages”

  8. Click “Get Access Token”

  9. Now try “/me/accounts” again. You should see a list of Pages inside the viewing window.

  10. Select the Page you want, and click on the “id” field

  11. Next, on the left window, you can see “Node: “ and a + sign. Click on the + sign to see what are the options you have.

  12. Click on the + sign and scroll down to “connections” and select “Albums”

  13. The child-level, select “Photos”

  14. The “Photos” child-level, select “source”

  15. Now click “Submit” on the right hand side. You will see a JSON returned with the url of all the photos in your selected Facebook Page.

  16. Copy the URL – and plug it into your browser. You should see a JSON of all your photos, and its corresponding url on Facebook’s CDN.

The above instructions simply state the basics of getting the photos of the albums via Facebook’s graph api. Should you have used the api before, you should be able to easily integrate the getting of images into your application.

I am working on a small Joomla module that will do this task and show the Facebook images from a public facing album of a Facebook page. Watch this space.


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