Hiybbprqag!!! What goes around, comes around!

mocality-googleAbout 11 months ago, Google ‘busted’ Bing copying its search results, with Hiybbprqag as one to the key words used in the bust. This was quite some news, back then, and oh did they make noise about it. Anyhow, not that we would expect any less coz essentially when it comes to search, with the bowing out of Yahoo! from the business, there are only two players – Google with Google Search and Microsoft with Bing. Microsoft did defend itself here but, yeah, that was quite a boo boo on their end.

Fast forward to today, and this time, guess what! Google is apologizing! And not to Bing or any other such large company or outfit,  but to a local Kenyan company, Mocality! Details about what actually happened can be found here, plus all the hating on Google slogan of ‘Do no Evil’. Clearly, it seems like some wrong has been done here, and the wrong doers seem to be working to correct their mistakes and / or take appropriate action but that is besides my point.


My point here is in how the issue has gone viral quite quickly and it seems to still be spreading fast! I now know a lot more about Mocality than I did before, and I wonder whether what Robert Alai say in this blog post about this situation actually helping Mocality out should carry the day.

In my opinion, seeing as Google has apologized and all, people should just put down their guns, stop with all the finger pointing, relax a bit, fix the issues and move on. I would although, really like to see how Mocality is making money off its free listings site. Maybe this dark could actually has a silver lining?

Now to do some research on just how many local blogs carried this story, and to see which are worth following in the field of tech news. That for me, will be an awesome outcome of this debacle. I am sure those will be interesting findings to publish. Watch this space…


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  1. After reading several blog posts on this Mocality/Google saga and lots of reactions on Google plus, I like your take on it, Mocality has received more exposure than it may have ever bargained for.

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