Firefox Behaves, My Bank Doesn’t

KCB_greenA few weeks ago, I ranted on Firefox and how even with 4GB of RAM, it was still able to bring my machine down with just a few tabs open. Memory leaks, as it is known in the geek world, for me and Firefox, and now a thing of the past! I can easily have more than 25 tabs open and have Firefox using less than 300MB of RAM. Heck, I can even pause right in the middle of my browsing, play a game of Need For Speed, The Run, and still have Firefox working like a charm when I get back to my desktop. How nice it is when the computer works like it should. Now I wish I could say the same about my bank whose logo is on this blog post. They have frustrated me but first, let me detail what went right with Firefox.

I used quite a few of the extensions I recommended in my earlier post converning Firefox’s memory leaks; I finally settled one extension as a viable solution to the problem. Memory Fox. It is small, simple, easy to configure, and works like charm. In fact, you do not even notice it and that is what I love about it. Simple tool, doing great work in the background. That is how good software should behave. So far, I have not had issues with it, even when doing upgrades and that sort of stuff. I normally hate it when an extension I depend on for one reason or another suddenly loses compatibility with the version of Firefox installed, especially in light of the fact that Firefox nowadays frequently updates itself to newer versions. And seeing as I am on the Beta channel, those updates tend to break installed extensions. But not Memory Fox .(Now that I think about it, could Mozilla maybe have finally fixed the memory leaks in Firefox? It does not help their case that they have had leaks consistently since version 3. I am on Firefox 11 Beta and I still assume that Memory Fox is still doing its work though I am not too sure if it has to. If you know something I don’t, holla at me in the comments. ).

Now that I have fixed your Firefox issues, can someone help me fix my banking issues! Is it just me or are sales people in banks the worst carder of people to deal with. This is the promise I got, or rather, the information that the bank gives you when you try to open a Business Account.

“It takes 5 working days to open an account upon submission of all required documents”

This is what the bank should be saying

“It actually takes a minimum of two weeks before you have a hope of getting a functional  business account, but just to be on the safe side, wait three weeks. In the mean time, we shall not communicate to you any progress in the opening your account, and do not bother coming to the bank to enquire because our customer care staff at hand will not be able to assist you and the sales person who is handling your account will conveniently be on assignment in the field.”

KCB, seriously! Style up! It’s a wonder why they take so many personal details from their clients only to never use them unless they are charging you while utilizing your details. The only time the bank will send you an SMS is when you will have subscribed to their paid SMS service. They will only come to your residence when you need a loan and they want to know where you live (so that they can carry away your television and set of sofas if you fail to pay back the loan) or to value of the house you are putting down as collateral; and they will even charge you for that by the way.

If you have had any bad bank experience, feel free to share here. KCB! Arghhhhhhh!



  1. Ha ha ha he he he….kcb woi…pole my guy,banks. Jst got me thinkin bankers en lawyers will b the first to go to hell,sikutaka kwao. And can utorrent work on another browser apart frm firefox cz it takes up much of the ram

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