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Is it just me or do new frameworks for development have weird names. Could someone please advise me on where the name Nooku came from as the name of a PHP Framework? And its codename Koowa as well?

Anyhow, my little research has led me to the conclusion that Koowa or Nooku is an MVC PHP Framework, like many others, which can be used to build nice web applications…yada yada yada…you can read more about this on

Now, should you ever install a Joomla extension that required Koowa…you will be hard pressed to find a download of the plugin. From what I gather, most installers pull it from somewhere (hopefully its source servers) using cURL or simply include it within the extension. But just in case for some reason you need to install Koowa as a plugin, feel free to use the link below to download an installable Joomla plugin for Koowa.


I created the installer from a plugin the required it and downloaded it for its own use. I have tested and ensured that it works even for other plugins that my depend on it. Please be careful though, not to break your Joomla site as there are reports of Koowa doing so.

Should any queries arise…ya’ll know what to do!


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  1. Hi Allan,

    Koowa is an open-source extension framework for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Koowa is developed and maintained by Joomlatools, the code can be found on Github :

    The 2.0 version of Koowa can be installed using Composer, instructions are provided in the readme, or you can clone the repo.

    Koowa uses a component based architecture and includes everything needed to create Joomla components according to the Hierarchical Model-View-Contoller (HMVC) pattern.

    Koowa is Swahili for ‘to grow’, in other languages it also means ‘foundation’. Long ago Koowa was the codename for Nooku and shared the same codebase. Nooku and Koowa have since gone their separate ways. Nooku is focussed on building standalone web applications, while Koowa is a pure Joomla Extension Framework.

    I hope that helps.


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