Deamon…aka Project Glass?


The title of this blog post refers to the captivating novel, Daemon by Daniel Suarez which you can get on Amazon and  Audible, if you are lazy and prefer being read to. It is a worth read for all. The book is so good, I think, that Google went and decided that with their bottomless resources to try and create the Dark Net – or something akin to it.

The official name of the project is simply Project Glass and at the moment, includes of a few photos, a completely blank Google+ page, and a concept video that is still quite a way from reality. At least though, there are some people looking into the future. These glasses might actually become reality in my lifetime and that is exciting. That said, I think the concept video is far from reality. Check it out below.

Project Glass–official concept video

There are experts who are rightfully saying that this is bullocks and the small screen of the glasses cannot deliver the experience in the video, not to mention the problem ambient lighting will produce as you move around. You can read more about these shortcomings on Wired. Nevertheless, it is exciting and I agree with Chris Matyszczyk of CNET that this might be a marketing gimmick of sorts to make all of us think highly of Google, feel good about Google and buy more of their services. It might just work, now that I think about it.

While browsing about this project, I came across some issues that could occur with such a project, and I think the video below puts in perspective what the social shortcomings of such glasses would be. Have a nice laugh on me and the guy who made this video.


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  1. its a good concept going by the first video and will be really cool but how does it really work….battery powered or how is the gadget powered for one to experience such….just wondering,but the second video….hillarious

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