Chipolopolo prove that they are not shot out of a bonoko

Zambia-players-celebrateThree premier league players missed penalties? Well, it seems like the likes of Drogba and crew are not used to scoring when the ball is not moving and the angle to the target is not obvious.

As a mathematician, there was no way I could support Zambia because yenyewe the odds were stacked up against them. So, seeing as neither of the countries there were Kenya or Uganda, not all my heart was there but I must say, congratulations to the Zambian bullets. As for akina Drogba, who should have won this tournament, better luck next time, and for crying out loud – can you all learn how to take penalties! I am not the biggest fan of soccer but I do not like supporting the technically better and greater but losing side. Sad smile

In other news, we won a ‘plate’ and beating Argentina in Las Vegas this weekend. Someone please advise me if this is a good thing or bad thing. I am truly not too sure between the cup, plate and shield, which we really should be wanting to hold. All in all, we won so, Congratulations Rugby Team!

NB: Just realized, shortest post so far….hmmm….



  1. I did not watch a single match in CAFCON 2012..unbelievable..but could you just imagine a nations cup without Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal and Cameroon.

    I couldn’t so i chose not to watch..!

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