Folders Sync

0325-sync-folder-thumb-100029454-large This may not be a problem for many people but folder syncing can be an issue, especially if you are like me, who has work spread out over at least three computers; one at home, one at the office, and a mobile computer (laptop/tablet/phablet). This is not to mention the syncing of work to online resources like Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive before an injuction by Sky Media in the UK put an end to that – Microsoft should fire the guy who came up with that name as clearly they have no research capabilities) – so that should one by any chance not be at one of their computers but has access to an online machine, they can still get access to their work.

I scoured the web searching for useful solutions to this conundrum and here are the applications I have ended up installing on my computers – in a bid to keep my folders up to date most of the time.

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TextCrawler–best thing since sliced bread–if you are looking for text

textcrawlerHow to search many text files for specific string or phrase

Have you ever tried to look through a 1000+ file pre-packaged Content Management System for the name of a function you need to modify or css class in a div that needs to be edited? This may not be a problem affecting many people or developers who deal with text files but for those who have ever been in the above situation, well, you know it can take a while before you find the file in question. Especially for developers like me who like to keep it simple and use a simple text editor like Notepad++ and not an IDE.

Well, TextCrawler is your answer! This is a small application that will rampage through text files of any extension and search for your specified string. Hec, it will even do you one better, should you need to replace the search string with another string. This small application has worked magic for me from time to time, so I just thought I might share it with ya’ll who read this blog.

You can download it here

or here (although I do not recommend the cNet version as it may come with other useless software like toolbars and what not)

It is a pretty simple application to get around so I will not include step by step details here but should you need help in that, simply ask below in the comments.


Blogging from Word 2013 – How to

Word-2013-LogoNow, you may be wondering – why would anybody want to do this? Use word to update WordPress? Well, my reason for wanting to connect word and my blog is…well, when it comes to words, Word is the tool for the job! And the fact that Windows Live Writer is no longer being supported and I believe will simply stop running on my PC sometime in the future when the New CEO of Microsoft decides to simply stop wasting money hosting out dated non-supported software…

Apart from the above trivial reason, there are actually some other advantages for using word to compose blog posts.

First off, it’s a wonderful application. Kudos to Microsoft’s Office Team for this one. For some reason, they still have it in them to Wow users with their newer office suites. They could lend a hand to the Windows team – who just seem to get backlash for the new features they add to windows.

Secondly, as greywulf puts it, if you care about the words you put online, then grammar, spelling, syntax also – could need to be correct, and Word 2013 has proofreading tools in spades, far beyond the capabilities built into blogging engines such as WordPress. For posts that require re-writes, or revisions – especially when you are based in a place where the internet is intermittent and expensive, using word to draft posts while still being able to quickly publish them (without having to open your blog and stuff).

Lastly, Word 2013 takes many cues from Windows Live Writer and offers multiple blog Accounts (including Blogger, Sharepoint, WordPress and Typepad), post Categories and all the features you would expect from a stand-alone blogging client – except Tags, which I hope is an oversight to be fixed in a future update.

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Talking of New Technologies

And I am now officially on the Windows 8 wagon. I have come to the conclusion that for mobile computing, Windows or Mac is the best way to go if you want to avoid any hassles. I still however, believe in having a Linux or Unix box for my core services – that is what my home PC that delivers supporting services to the other computers in the house run.

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Free Google Apps Sign Up Page

I do not know if you have noticed, but finding the FREE version of Google Apps just got harder. Why? Google removed the signup page. Now, you have to do some serious googling to find a Google service! Sad, I must say. Very Sad.

I wonder if this is a sign of things to come, and we may be seeing the beginning to the end of Free google apps email? If you recall, when it was first launched, you could get up to 50email addresses. This came down to 10 email addresses and now, the link is no longer easily available…not a good trend if you ask me.

Anyhow, for those who still want to register Free Google Apps accounts, let me save you some gooling and find the link to the sign up page below. Let hope it continues to work for a long time.

The above link was working at the time of the composition of this post. Should it break, please advise in the comments below to initiate a search for where else google would hide this form.


As was expected, Google Apps free is gone! If you were grandfather’d in – lucky for you. The above link will now land you on the page for enterprise sign up page. On Dec 8th, Google sent out emails informing the users of the free Google Apps about the change in their policies. Sad to see that solution go down the drain.  🙁