Can you base a website on a Facebook Page? FBCMS?

Facebook-Business-PageFacebook as a Content Management System

I know this my sound weird but is it? There are quite a number of businesses – granted – small businesses that depend a great deal on their Facebook pages as their online representatives. The idea of that is not something I really like mainly because people on Facebook are normally looking for gossip or basically not looking to work. When we want to work, we normally resort back to our favorite search engine(s) and when looking to buy, our favorite classifieds, auction and ecommerce sites take center stage. Putting merchandise on Facebook leads to visibility by people who are not particularly interested in your product(s) but got to view it because for some reason your page happened to be within their second of third level of friendship zones or some other complicated yet not so complicated link.

While Facebook may not be the best place to set up shop so to speak, I must acknowledge that to many people nowadays, it is their gateway into the internet. It is a nice familiar interface that many people know how to get around and to some extent administer. So I was not entirely surprised when a client of mine asked me if I could build him a site that would just pick content from his Facebook page – in a way, making the familiar interface of Facebook his main admin tool.

Now, I accepted the challenge with the full knowledge that it can be done after having some experience with the Graph API that Facebook provides and their very useful developer explorer tool. Getting their documentation was a pain at first but thanks to the holy grail of reference points for code on the internet – stackoverflow – I was able to eventually get the hang of it and I am in the process of implementing some cool tools with Facebook as content manager.

Will this use of Facebook as a Content Management System catch on? I do not know. I would not bet my pay on it but I can see it working for some people who simply love and live on Facebook. The challenge now is going to be making the FBCMS good enough to Bridge the Gap between the laissez-faire use of Facebook for business and the other more serious business and ecommerce oriented platforms. Watch this space!



  1. This is a good idea, many small biz cannot afford to maintain standalone websites and so they resort to facebook apps and pages for their online presence… the essence is just to cut costs on their part. No Hosting. No Domain Registration or Renewal. No Worry of Website getting Hacked… e.t.c,

  2. I started reading this post defensively, urging that FB should be left to be what it is a social platform. I however will be kidding myself since most local sme’s prefer to set up pages on FB rsther than have their own websites. And even though I would like to see this reversed to businesses setting up websites then linking them to FB pages, it is the way it is.

    As far as branding and marketing online goes, I don’t see a situation where FB can fully function as a CMS and considering that you will be limited to marketing to the circle of friends/likes then you are better off working with existing cms platforms whose content are easily accessible through organic searches.

    But may I be quick to add, it is not impossible either.

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