All New PesaPal and Virtuemart

This is a short announcement to all of you eagerly waiting for a version of the PesaPal plugin for the new completely re-written version Virtuemart – currently at version 2.0.6 – I had earlier promised in this comment stream that I should have a working version of the plugin by 17 days ago. Unfortunately, life and time caught up with me, and one other thing is causing delays. Upgrades!

PesaPal have upped their game and upgraded their system to fix some flaws that I believe it had. This has of course lead to a better payment gateway but left in its wake a series of non-working plugins. Thus, the older plugin I had written is broken and I am yet to update it. I will get round to updating it once I am done re-coding the newly coded plugin for Virtuemart 2.0.x

The improvements PesaPal have made in their system include finally including a more secure way of transmitting transaction status back to the system. There are some needed requirements that I need to look into more before I can comment on them. I guess I will be writing about those once I am done building testing the two plugins I have to build now.

Despite the improvements in this newer version of PesaPal (V4), I still foresee some more changes coming up soon that their growth will simply see them have to implement. Things like currency selection and also a way of choosing which payment options I want to appear on the page seeing as we may not necessarily need all the options they have there. So in short, I know there is going to be a lot of support needed in the times ahead.

I do apologize for any inconveniences caused while I get round to updating my code to match the improvements PesaPal have made to their system. So please, be a bit patient and watch this space.

Back to code.



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  1. Hi Allan, could you kindly develop a pesapal module for JoomShopping (

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards
    Bernard Omondi

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