Complicated is never better…

I wonder what the sentiments for Windows 8 are out there, after is has been out for quite a while. I believe that some people are just forcing themselves the learn in or being forced by circumstances to learn it as it comes with new PCs. It has nice cool features that seem to be boding well for it. That said, these features can not be fairing very well in the long run as some legacy features are creeping back into the OS like the start button in Windows 8.1 and the rumored return of the start menu in the next major release of Windows.

As cool as windows 8 works, looks and feels, clearly it design features do not work very well for sites.

For the last month or so, I had implemented quite a cool looking but complex template on this blog and damn did i get complaints. To all those who could not use the site appropriately, I apologize. The other template clearly did not work for code sections and stuff like that – not to mention how log it took me to get it working properly and at the time of replacing it, it still was not working fully as expected.

This was not the blog for that template but seeing as it cost a pretty penny, I will find a place to use it. In the mean time, please continue using the blog. I also fixed the contact me page so get contacting!