Chat 222 double letter problem


Short blog post today. Got tired of carrying around two phones so I appropriated my older dual sim Samsung Chat 222 phone. I soon ran into problems with my text messages, with the phone placing Greek and Russian characters instead of double letters.

After a few complaints from recipients of my texts, I decided to find the setting to switch off this silly setting, and it was not easy to find. So, in case you are having this problem, here is the setting to change

messages -> settings -> text messages -> sending options -> character support

Change the setting for character support to Unicode from the default GSM alphabet.

Upon changing this setting, all will be well.


Ioncube…ooh how I loath thee

ioncubelogo_gg As a web developer in Kenya, there are things that just end up arching me every time I see them. And nothing at the moment arches me more than Ioncube. Why do I hate Iconcube so much? Well, read on. Continue reading