Auto-Capitalize using JavaScript

I help in running and continuously improving a classifieds website. Now, the problem is that for sites that are that public and with a generally public audience, you get all kinds of inputs, legitimate and otherwise. Every so often, to make things work and look like they should, some idiot-proofing is required. So, find below a script you can use to auto-capitalize input like I had to for my listing titles across the sites I am involved in.

Lets assume a simple form like the one below…

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Free Google Apps Sign Up Page

I do not know if you have noticed, but finding the FREE version of Google Apps just got harder. Why? Google removed the signup page. Now, you have to do some serious googling to find a Google service! Sad, I must say. Very Sad.

I wonder if this is a sign of things to come, and we may be seeing the beginning to the end of Free google apps email? If you recall, when it was first launched, you could get up to 50email addresses. This came down to 10 email addresses and now, the link is no longer easily available…not a good trend if you ask me.

Anyhow, for those who still want to register Free Google Apps accounts, let me save you some gooling and find the link to the sign up page below. Let hope it continues to work for a long time.

The above link was working at the time of the composition of this post. Should it break, please advise in the comments below to initiate a search for where else google would hide this form.


As was expected, Google Apps free is gone! If you were grandfather’d in – lucky for you. The above link will now land you on the page for enterprise sign up page. On Dec 8th, Google sent out emails informing the users of the free Google Apps about the change in their policies. Sad to see that solution go down the drain.  🙁


McAfee Ujinga…

Seriously McAfee – giving me limitations on my password? For a computer security company, to think that I cannot use my very well thought out complicated password to open an account is absurd! McAfee – you should be ashamed of yourselves!


Interesting Hack for PesaPal?

I recently had to integrate PesaPal in a very interesting way, needing me to think out of the box – as usual. To all those who know PesaPal  – integration wise, you are familiar with the way we simply iframe in the $iframe_src we come up with via the standard integration methods. What you may not know is that should you already be in an iframe when before calling in the PesaPal iframe – so that you have the pesapal iframe within another iframe – you break PesaPal functionality.

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